BBIS Value Added Service

The BBIS strives to do more than just provide a state of the art location to its resident businesses. In an effort to enhance the chance of success of its tenants, the BBIS provides a number of services ranging from those with a research orientation to financial assistance. The addition of these services adds value to the incubation experience. The services are open to all the resident businesses and some are available to graduates and the general community.*


The Bessemer Business Incubation Systems works diligently to make sure its resident business owners and employees have the proper training and access to resources that will help assure their organizations survival and growth. Seminars and workshops are an integral part of that training and provision of resources. Presented are but a few of the seminar and workshop titles available to BBIS resident businesses:

  1. Business Employment Taxes – Federal, State and Local
  2. Sales and Use Taxes – Federal, State and Local
  3. Working w/ The Media – How to get the Media to Cover your Business
  4. Human Resources – Employee Acquisition, Retention and Termination
  5. Business Expense Deductions – What is and What is Not Deductible
  6. Business Financial Planning – Retirement and Succession Plans


*The seminars and workshops are free to incubator resident businesses and open to the public for a small fee.